Chemorex Copper Extractants

Copper leached from ore with sulphuric acid is easily recovered in a pure metallic form by the well known process of solvent extraction. At the heart of the process is the copper recovery reagent that is used to selectively extract copper from the aqueous leach solution.
The solvent extraction process as applied to metals extraction, can be defined as the selective transfer of metal ions from an aqueous phase  via an organic phase to a second aqueous phase from which the desired metal can be recovered in a useable form.
The SX process can be represented by the following reversible reaction.

(2LH)org+(Cu2+SO42-) L(Cu2)org+(2H++SO42-)Aq


CHEMOREX CP-160 is a carefully formulated blend of 5-nonylsalicylaldoxime and a branched chain diisobutyrate modifier together with a high flash point diluent. It forms a water insoluble complex with copper and other cations in a acid solution according to the equation shown:-

                              2RH (org)  +   Cu2+(aq)  R2Cu (org)    + 2H+ (aq)

Product Specification

Physical data
Appearance Clear amber coloured liquid free from visible impurities.
Specific Gravity, 25oC 0.95-0.98
Viscosity cP at 25oC Not more than 200
Flash point oC Not less than 62 (PMCC)
Performance Data
Copper uptake, g/lt per vol % 0.56-0.59
Extraction Kinetics, App to Equilibrium  at 25oC  
15 sec Not less than 85
30 Sec Not less than 95
Strip Kinetics, App to Equilibrium at 25oC  
15 Sec Not less than 95
Copper Extraction isotherm point at 25oc  
Organic Not lesss than 4.2
Aqueous Not more than 1.6
Copper strip Isotherm point at 25oC  
Organic Not more 2.1
Aqueous Not less than 32.0
Copper Iron selectivity Not less than 2000
Phase disengagement, Sec  
Extract Not more than 60
Strip Not more than 60
Copper complex solubility at 0oC At 24 hrs. No Precipitation
The performance is determined using standsrd quality control test methods and equipment. Further information is available on request.
The product is available in poly or epoxy lined 180 kg. (net) drums or IBC 's upon request.
Expert application advice and assistance in optimising the use of this product is readily available.
  Product Data Sheet (pdf)