Longlight International Limited, is a Sino-British company registered in the UK.

Chemorama.com is the web presence reflecting the activities of Longlight International
The strong Sino-British links that make up the management team of LLI ensures that a strong focus is on  the Chinese market and in the markets of the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Longlight International offers:

  • We have a tight focus on the Industrial Sectors for which, as an organization, we can claim expertise.
  • We associate with and carefully ensure that our suppliers are accredited with internationally recognized quality standards such as ISO9001
  • In addition we adopt a strict product quality control policy and appoint independent laboratories to undertake specification testing to ensure that all export goods meet contract specifications before shipment.
  • We offer a wide range of contract payment terms to meet different customer requirements.
  • We actively seek local partnership arrangements with credible suppliers in all markets. 

Our team is ready to serve your enquiries for Industrial and Mining Chemical procurement and supply.

      Geoff Seward,

(Managing Director of Longlight International Limited) is a graduate industrial chemist with a strong background knowledge of the global mining industry gained as both a technical contributor in the field of the hydrometallurgy and as a supplier in the field of speciality chemical products over a period of more than thirty years. In particular he can claim a pioneering role in the development and marketing of copper extractants that remain of commercial importance in many plants worldwide


     Brian Townson,
(Chairman of Longlight International Limited) is a chemistry graduate with a wealth of R&D, marketing and sales experience in the chemical industry during many years with ICI and its successor companies. In the years prior to joining LLI Brian had considerable experience in developing markets for the sale of speciality chemical products to mining companies in Australasia, China and Europe.

     Clement Lo,
is the founder and owner of Long Light Chemical Limited. Hong Kong. clement has grown a business he founded in 1992 into a substantial chemical sales and distribution enterprise, with offices across china, for the representation of a number of international chemical companies in the particular area of speciality colour chemicals. In recent years his organisation has also been able to focus on the mining chemical sector and represent other parts of the Longlight group in activities within the Chinese market.
Clement is a director of both Longlight International Limited and Longlight Cyprus Limited.