owata Ceramics offers Zirconia based sintered ceramic beads designed for use, primarily in the mineral processing industry where ultrafine grinding is appropriate.
Our series CB 102, CB 104 CB 105 and CB 106 offer a quality of manufacture that enables selection based on size and formulation in order to achieve grind conditions that do not incur excessive energy or maintenance costs.
Product Specification: Nowata Ceramics CB 106
Chemical Composition   Physical Parameters    
ZrO2 94.8% Specific density >6.0g/cm3  
Y2O3 5±0.2% Packed density 3.7-3.9g/cm3  
    Mohs hardness        9  
    Compressive strength >2KN(ø 2mm)  
    ratio of slenderness 8.0mpa m2  
Good roundness , smooth surface , brightness , high density, high strength, inertia and hardness , perfect fine  particles.
Good stability , strong acid resistance and alkali proof.
Excellent toughness, strength, impact resistance.
Minimum wear and tear on equipments and grinding medium.
ø 0.2-0.4mm ø 0.4-0.6mm ø 0.6-0.8mm ø 0.8-1.0mm ø 1.0-1.2mm
ø 1.2-1.4mm ø 1.4-1.6mm ø 1.6-1.8mm ø 1.8-2.0mm ø 2.0-2.2mm
ø 2.2-2.5mm ø 2.5-2.8mm ø 2.8-3.2mm ø 3.2-3.5mm ø 4mm
ø 5mm ø 8mm ø 10mm    


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